VDLV, french E-liquids producer for vape

Since 2012, the high quality of our Vincent Dans Les Vapes & CirKus products has remained unchanged.
Quality commitment
Quality commitment

Each day we produce analyses of our raw materials and finished products.

Vapology grade flavours
Vapology grade flavours

Supported by scientific research, VDLV selects aromas made for vaping.

French production
French production

Our manufacturing and analysis production laboratory is located in Cestas, France

Constant innovation
Constant innovation

Since its creation, VDLV innovates to go beyond its client’s expectations.

What do our e-liquids contain?

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene glycol belongs to the family of glycol ethers and has the particularity of vaporising easily. PG enhances the “hit” sensation (contraction of the pharynx during the passage of the vapour), craved by smokers. It is typically found in the cosmetics, medical and food industries.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG belongs to the polyol family and vaporises at low temperatures. Producing more vapour than propylene glycol, it is viscous in appearance and tastes slightly sweet.

Eliquide Classique Hampton

Vaping-grade nicotine made in France

Nicotine is an alkaloid, stimulant in small doses, non-carcinogenic but toxic in large doses and capable of generating strong dependence in the case of regular consumption. VDLV is now the only European pure liquid nicotine producer, only available in VDLV products.

Vapological aromas

At VDLV, we select aromas for their inhalation properties. They add the flavours in e-liquids. Vincent dans les Vapes typically uses aromas of natural origins. As for CirKus, synthetic aromas will be preferred.


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