VDLV Pro 360

Creation, Manufacturing, Packaging and Product Compliance by VDLV
VDLV Pro 360

The service offering dedicated to professionals

Since December 2019, the design, production and compliance divisions of Laboratoire Français du E-Liquide (LFEL) have been part of VDLV and operate as VDLV Pro 360.

All VDLV’s technical and industrial expertise is now available to industry professionals for designing and producing vaping products and ensuring their compliance. To respond to their expectations, our production methods meet the certification requirements of the XP D90-300-2 standard and quality management process based on the ISO 9001 reference framework:

  • Raw material selection and sourcing quality control (European and American pharmacopoeia),
  • Industrial plant qualification and inspection,
  • Production and management staff training,
  • Product quality analysis before, during and after manufacture.

With its 11 automated packaging lines, label printing room and contract manufacturing laboratory spanning a total area of 8,500 m2, VDLV demonstrates the performance of its industrial facilities through a commercial offering dedicated to professionals.