Vaping Grade Nicotine by VDLV

An extraction technology based on green chemistry

Based on the principle of green chemistry, VDLV has perfected a completely new method of extracting nicotine from tobacco leaves. It is called vapological because it is the first time that nicotine has been especially produce for inhalation. It is now produced in our pilot unit located at Bordeaux, south-west France.

Nicotine is a molecule which occurs naturally in tobacco leaves as well as in certain plants, such as tomatoes and eggplants. A member of the alkaloid family, it is a natural insecticide and a cardiac stimulant in small doses. Rapidly eliminated by the body, nicotine is non-carcinogenic but toxic in heavy concentrations. It may generate dependence in the case of regular consumption. In an ordinary cigarette, it is the principal reason why smokers get addicted to cigarettes, but, contrary to popular misconception, it is not harmful in this form, which is not the case with the tars and other additives added by cigarette manufacturers. In an e-liquid, its presence provides the perception of the “hit” (contraction of the larynx during the passage of the smoke or vapour) craved by smokers.

For many years, nicotine has been used for its insecticidal virtues, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of patches or chewing gum. Its application in the vaping industry is rather recent. Manufactured in China, India or the United States, its methods of industrial extraction employ toxic solvents such as dichloromethane, a substance classified as carcinogenic, to obtain greater production yields. This type of process involves an additional purification phase for the nicotine.

What is Vaping-Grade nicotine?

Specifically designed for inhalation, VDLV’s Vaping-Grade Nicotine does not require the use of toxic solvents for its manufacture. From the selection of the land parcels where the tobacco plants are grown to final distillation, VDLV is the complete master of its chain of production and guarantees excellent product traceability. For the first time, this nicotine produced at VDLV’s facilities in Bordeaux area in France, is specifically intended for inhalation.

The integration of the Vaping-Grade Nicotine into VDLV e-liquids is being done by multiple stages. In 2017, VDLV chose to launch a foretaste of this nicotine in a special collection of 3 flavours: Origin NV by Vincent dans les Vapes. The nicotine produced was extracted from foreign tobacco leaves. Once it had been totally chemically defined, it was able to use it in VDLV’s production system. The Vaping-Grade Nicotine is now available in all VDLV e-liquids: Vincent dans les Vapes and CirKus.  

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