VDLV vaping-grade nicotine, a 100% French innovation

A local tobacco culture

After a long work of varietal selection carried out by a team of agronomic engineers in Bergerac, our partner farmers cultivate in France from May to August, a tobacco adapted to our industrial needs. After a drying phase of several months, the tobacco is sent to our extraction unit located in Cestas in Gironde. It is from this dried tobacco that our nicotine will be extracted.

Supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, this program now extends to several French departments:

• L’Allier (03)
• La Charente (16)
• La Charente Maritime (17)
• La Corrèze (19)
• La Dordogne (24)
• Le Puy-de-Dôme (63)

Commerciaux VDLV

A Responsible culture

Because of its attachment to the agricultural sector, VDLV is committed to tobacco farmers, with the desire to promote work and expertise through five flagship actions:

  • LISTEN: By establishing an assessment and performance report at the end of each campaign to analyze the existing needs of partners.
  • UNDERSTAND: by participating in the development of innovative techniques to protect crops in fields, the mechanization of harvesting systems and storage methods.
  • SUPPORT: by favoring new eco-responsible cultivation methods such as the use of innovative phytosanitary treatments, in order to fight against external aggressions but also by methods of natural plant stimulation.
  • ACT: by remunerating the tobacco farmers in a fair and equitable manner with a price, per kilogram delivered, set from a minimum threshold determined after evaluation of the technical properties of the plant.
  • RESPECT: by applying the principles of green chemistry into our vapological nicotine, with harvested tobacco plants and by recovering tobacco waste by methanization.
An innovative agronomic program

In 2020, VDLV is the only European nicotine producer. With raw materials produced in France by vaping, for vaping and from locally grown tobacco, VDLV is engaged in an ambitious evolving program:

  • 2018: 7 partnerships with tobacco farmers >> 5 cultivated hectares >> 11 tons of harvested tobacco.
  • 2019: 16 partnerships with tobacco farmers >> 18 cultivated hectares >> 35 tons of harvested tobacco.
  • 2020 objectives: 52 partnerships with tobacco farmers >> 62 hectares currently under cultivation.



Read the (french) testimony of the Amagat family here.

Much more than an industrial project …
this program is also a human and technological adventure which is part of our daily life thanks to the support of our partners.
Sylvie and Gilles CAMARET

For public health reasons, it is more rewarding for us to talk about this new culture, which is still little known in France. Following our visit at VDLV, knowing that the nicotine extracted is clean and 100% French; it reassured us in our projects and goals.

Sylvie and Gilles CAMARET Tobacco farmers in Cause de Clérans, in Dordogne
PELET family

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PELET family Tobacco farmers from father to daughter in St Mondane in the Dordogne
AMAGAT family

We have been solicited for many years to produce tobacco that has a minimum nicotine rate. With VDLV, it is just the opposite. You need nicotine-laden leaves to extract the maximum. A sign that in the agricultural sector, we are able to adapt to all situations!

AMAGAT family Tobacco farmers in Limeuil in Dordogne

Our 100% French, exclusively designed for inhalation nicotine is available in Vincent dans les Vapes and CirKus e-liquids.

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