The Juke-Vapes® by VDLV

Rethink the customer experience and give it a new breath

Juke-Vapes® by VDLV is the first patented device designed to test e-liquids without mouth contact. It was created and developed by VDLV, the French manufacturer of e-liquids.  With this system, VDLV intends to pursue its quality approach and vapological expertise by offering practical, and playful, but innovative, discovery material to test e-liquids in the shop.

The Juke-Vapes® by VDLV is :

  • Reliable & Durable
  • Moder & Elegant
  • Hygienic, Economic & Convenient

Our partner, VAPEDEX, distributes Juke-Vapes® technology internationally for the account of VDLV. Two versions of Juke-Vapes® are now available, in 20 banks.

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