Are VDLV e-liquids suitable for vegans?

Some aromas can be obtained by extraction on an oily layer. This is called enfleurage. In fact, for aromas originating from flowers, the producers of pure aromas may extract the essential oils by jabbing the flowers on a layer of vegetable and/or animal fat. The fat captures the essential oils and is processed to extract the food enzymes and natural flavours. Since the extraction processes are industrial secrets, VDLV cannot guarantee that neither animal fats nor enfleurage techniques have been utilised to extract the floral aromas.

We therefore recommend that vegans avoid vaping the following flavours:  Violet, Orange Blossom, Honey, The Bearded Beauty, and Blackcurrant Ice.


VDLV performs no experiments on animals and does not collaborate with laboratories experimenting on animals or animal cells.