Are VDLV e-liquids vegan ?

In April 2019, Jacques Cinquin, quality and safety manager at VDLV, answered a few questions for the specialized news website  Vaping Post for a special file on veganism in vaping. Find part of this exchange below and all of it here :

Veganism in the manufacture of an e-liquid, the response of VDLV

At VDLV, the subject of veganism is closely studied. Jacques Cinquin, Quality Manager, agreed to answer our questions.

First of all, are vaping and veganism real topics today, or is it just anecdotal?

“It’s certainly not anecdotal. On our social Medias, for example, it is a recurring question. We also offer a FAQ section on our website on many topics related to vaping. A page is devoted to the subject; it is one of the most consulted by our Internet users. Our telephone switchboard for after-sales service and consumer information answers an average of one question per week on this subject. Very often people ask us if our liquids are vegan, or which liquid to choose for vegan consumption. ”

And by what means can you certify it?

“ For each flavour that we use, we have very precise technical descriptions which can be found in the technical data sheets of these products. Most show the hallal or kosher quality of the liquid and the mention vegan is recurrent. If the information is not available, then we do not recommend the consumption of the product by vegans. “

However, how could a flavour not be vegan?

“Even though the product itself does not contain any animal substances, they could be used during the aroma extraction process especially for natural flavours. For example, some extraction methods for floral aromas like violet or orange blossom involve the use of fatty layers to fix aromas to a carrier. This is the enfleurage technique, well known to perfumers. The vegan quality of the aroma then also depends on whether or not these fats are of animal origin”.


For more information, VDLV e-liquids contain a few components: :

  • Propylene Glycol  (PG)
  • Vegetal Glycerin (VG)
  • Vaping-grade aromas
  • Optional in some e-liquids, vaping-grade Nicotine.

PG, VG and vaping-grade nicotine are exempts of any substances of animal origin..

However, we recommend to vegans to not vape the three following flavours: :

  • Violet by Vincent dans les Vapes
  • Orange Blossom by Vincent dans les Vapes
  •  Black Current Ice by Authentic CirKus

Finally, VDLV does not experiment on animals or animal cells.