A VDLV story

The beginnings…

The story of VDLV starts at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology located in Talence (33). Vincent Cuisset, an instrumentation engineer specializing in metrology and quality on the Bordeaux university campus discovered an object that was very unusual at the time: the electronic cigarette. Interested and convinced by the process, he nevertheless wonders about the composition and traceability of e-liquids. Are they safe for the health? What are the risks of inhaling this type of product? Where do they come from? He then decides to put his knowledge at the service of what turns out to be a real breakthrough innovation in the field of public health.


At first, Vincent established very strict specifications in order to select aromas. These are not only of alimentary quality, but also vaping-grade, meaning designed specifically for inhalation.

Let’s get started !

In 2012, the company VDLV was born and based its headquarters in Pessac, in Gironde, at the heart of an innovative territory rich in talent. Vincent surrounds himself with a passionate and committed team, sharing values that make VDLV one of the driving forces of vaping in France. To consolidate its vaping expertise, he also acquires production devices and analysis equipment specifically created for the vaping sector.

This is how, after 2 years of research, development and devotion, he presents to a number of increasingly seduced vapers, his 1st brand: Vincent Dans Les Vapes. In addition to their high-quality tastes and healthy characteristics and, these e-liquids have the particularity of containing exclusively natural aromas produced in France


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An innovation for our business partners…


Based on the observation that, very often, product tests in stores are quite restrictive for professionals, the next step was to imagine a modern and elegant solution to boost retail. Resistant, reliable, and hygienic, the Juke-Vapes © is easy to use for a unique customer experience.


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1st expansion of our commercial offer

In December 2014, VDLV continued to grow and completed its first commercial offer: the creation of a new brand inspired by the circuses of “La Belle Époque”.
CirKus quickly meets a growing success with confirmed vapers who wanted to find more complex and gourmet products. The brand combines the authenticity of natural aromas and the taste power of synthetic aromas.

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Going towards a 100% traceability of raw materials…

In 2017, VDLV presented to the press and the New Aquitaine Region a major innovation for the vaping sector. In order to consolidate its expertise in inhalation products, the VDLV team has succeeded in developing the first nicotine exclusively dedicated to vaping. This nicotine is the result of several years of industrial and scientific research and development. Taking into account the 12 principles of green chemistry for its extraction process, the project is the culmination of a collaboration with several French tobacco farmers.
Since March 2019, all VDLV e-liquids have been produced with French vaping-grade nicotine.

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Another use of the vape …

 ChillDrop is a brand of CBD e-liquids manufactured, analyzed and packaged by VDLV.
To offer this range, we relied on the expertise of our partner, the Ingésciences laboratory. This collaboration allows us to provide consumers with optimum security and transparency.


A new era begins…

2019 2019 was an important year for the development and sustainability of VDLV. After 6 years spent at the Château Bersol site in Pessac, the entire industrial equipment was transferred to the neighbouring town of Cestas. The VDLV team then discovered a new, more spacious and more suitable building of 14,000 m².
This change was followed by an overhaul of the visual identity. More suitable to the company’s objectives, it further emphasizes the spirit of conquest that drives our teams on a daily basis. More inclusive, it is a reminder that VDLV is part of a whole. From the manufacturer to the consumer, including our partners, the wave is spreading!


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