How are VDLV e-liquids produced?

To produce our e-liquids in small and large quantities and meet the demands of all our clients, we adapt our industrial tools to several types of production requirement: (custom-made production, semi-automated, automated). This enables us to produce more than 900,000 vials per month.

Our semi-automated packaging units permit great flexibility, requiring qualified personnel, in an environment meeting strict rules of hygiene and safety. Starting in 2013, VDLV invested in the purchase of automatic packaging lines capable of handling large volumes. These units are specially designed to integrate all the specificities required for the production of e-liquids (pharmaceutical type of unit).

Our on-line shop offers private clients a wide range of combination flavours, as well as various nicotine strengths, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin contents. This service requires a custom-made production of small quantities for manufacturing to order (offer only available for the top 11 of The Basics from Vincent)

All our products are manufactured in our factory and in our laboratory, located at Bordeaux, south-west France.