Immunrise, a partnership of the future

Since 2020, VDLV has joined the La French Fab collective, one of the standard-bearers of the french industry. For our company, it is about committing further with other innovative industrial players and sharing the main principles promoted by the company such as modernization of the means of production, promotion of industrial knowledge, innovation as a lever for development, ecological and environmental performance or the development of an export capacity. So many precepts that take shape within the very first industrial hub of Nouvelle-Aquitaine located in Cestas, in our premises. This has enabled us in particular to modernize our production methods to make them even more eco-responsible.


Supporting a logic of circular economy and industrial development of the territory, this Hub also helps start-ups to take a step forward by pooling with them logistics, experience, territorial anchoring and various resources allowing remove many obstacles to the industrialization phase. Thus, the Hub now hosts several innovative companies such as the company Immunrise Bio-Control.


Based on the principle that France is the leading European agricultural nation and that it has some of the best terroirs in the world, Lionel Navarro (Research Director at CNRS) and Laurent de Crasto (Agronomist and shareholder of VDLV) co-founded the company Immunrise. The observation made is simple: for several decades, the French agricultural model has been exhausting this rich terroir, its environment and its farmers. As a reminder,  75,000 tonnes of synthetic pesticides are spread on our territory each year.

The French and independent company that come out directly from the Institute of Biology of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS, Paris)  aims to identify and develop non-GMO solutions drawn from nature in order to ensure  crop protection. The principle is to identify marine microorganisms capable of either stimulating the natural defenses of plants or of acting directly on pathogens by limiting the development of certain plant diseases.

Thus, Immunrise Biocontrol should improve the yield and quality of cultivated plants while reducing the use of synthetic pesticides.


VDLV is proud to support such a project, by providing Immunrise researchers with a whole set of specific analysis equipment and by supporting the company in the development of its industrial process.

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