Tobacco Products Directive

The TPD is short for Tobacco Products Directive. This directive imposes a certain number of requirements upon manufacturers of e-liquids relating to the marketing of their products:

  • obligation to list the composition of e-liquids products on a European platform.
  • obligation to inform consumers of the potential risks linked to the consumption and utilisation of e-liquids products.
  • limitation on the volume of vials containing nicotine to 10ml.

All VDLV products sold in France and/or Europe are in compliance with this regulation, whether on the level of labelling, packaging and declaration obligations. The TPD is European and is imposed upon each Member State of the EU. Each country must then transpose it into national legislation, which explains that the differences in interpretation and application from one country to another.


With the application of the TPD, all nicotine-containing products must be declared on a European notification platform. This declaration is made for each flavour, each nicotine strength and each variation in PG/VG content. In France, the cost of each notification is €295, not counting composition and vapour emissions analysis costs to be performed for each product. We have therefore been compelled to limit the number of our products and to eliminate the lists of variations in PG/VG and nicotine strength.