Vincent dans les vapes and CirKus

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Vincent dans les Vapes is the iconic brand of VDLV. It was the first in France to stand out for the quality of its natural flavours. From their launch, the vaping community carried Vincent’s French e-liquids. Relayed on numerous forums, blogs and social networks, Vincent dans les Vapes quickly established itself as a reference. Now a must-have, the French e-liquids Vincent dans les vapes are referenced in many electronic cigarette stores and are certified by AFNOR.

The concept of this signature brand is the exclusive use of natural aromas which allow a fine and authentic restitution of flavours. This approach has made Vincent dans les vapes the pioneer brand in the use of natural flavours. Discover the universe of Vincent, natural French e-liquids.

arôme de synthèse

To satisfy the many smokers wishing to quit smoking, and rich in our expertise, we launched CirKus in 2014. These e-liquids are distinguished by their unparalleled taste strength. Now, in addition to the authenticity of natural aromas, this new brand opens its doors to more flavour intensity by adding the complexity of synthetic aromas. We always put our highest standards into it, which is why the Cirkus brand offers e-liquids certified by AFNOR.

The concept of CirKus is to offer a personalized and gustatory accompaniment thanks to a wider choice of flavours. Discover the world of CirKus, intense French e-liquids.

E-liquids that look like you

Our brands have their own worlds with which all smokers can identify. They are divided into sub-ranges so that everyone can find the right e-liquid:

Vincent dans les Vapes is thus available in two ranges with colorful universes: :

    • Les Incontournables (Singular flavours and simple mixes of fresh, fruity and classics)
  • Les Grands (complex fruity)

At CirKus there are three ranges with the artistic codes of Belle-Epoque circuses: :

  • Les Authentics CirKus (intense and original flavours)
  • Les black CirKus (complex flavours)
  • Les Classics Wanted (rich classics)


You can find in a concentrated aroma version some references of our e-liquids. Concentrates allow vapers converted to DIY, Do It Yourself,  to create their own blend. Vincent dans les vapes markets flavorless PG / VG bases and nicotine boosters: NicoFill.

For CirKus, you can find the Authentic Cirkus ranges (concentrated aromas) and the Eccentrics.


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*classic = tobacco