Vincent dans les vapes vs CirKus

2 brands for 2 styles

Vincent dans les Vapes was the first trademark created by VDLV, which is, by the way, its acronym. In choosing the name of this trademark, Vincent Cuisset, the founder of VDLV, wanted a term which would arouse curiosity and surprise, but which was also a bit off-beat. It was also important to inject a bit of his personality to make it all more “human”. He therefore chose to combine his name with a well-known French phrase, resulting in: Vincent dans les Vapes. The venture was greeted by the vaper community from the very start. Publicised by numerous forums, blogs and social networks, Vincent dans les Vapes was rapidly able to establish its reputation. The company is unique in that it uses only natural aromas to express the authentic finesse of the flavours.

To convert a growing number of smokers in search of taste sensation and aromatic complexity to vapology, VDLV developed an entirely new trademark in December 2014: CirKus. This trademark forms part of the spirit of the circuses of the Belle-Epoque, with fantastic vintage images associating the authenticity of natural flavours with the taste sensation of synthetic aromas in its e-liquids. The level of quality in the composition of these e-liquids remains unchanged.

In creating a new entity and in granting it a quite specific trademark territory, the intention was to stress the difference between e-liquids with natural aromas and those containing on synthetic aromas.

In creating 2 distinct trademarks, VDLV chose to stress the difference between products based on natural aromas and those containing synthetic aromas.

Each of these two trademarks possesses a strong image associated with a set of product lines and categories:

Vincent dans les Vapes comes in 3 lines with coloured images:

  • The Basics by Vincent
  • Les Grands
  • Origin NV

Some e-liquid products are available in different versions of concentrated aromas to permit do-it-yourself vapers to create their own mixtures. In the same vein, Vincent dans les Vapes also markets PG/VG bases without aroma, as well as nicotine boosters.

CirKus also comes in three lines inspired by the artistic images of a circus from the Belle-Epoque:

  • Authentics CirKus
  • Black CirKus
  • Classic Wanted

Some CirKus e-liquids are also available in concentrated aroma versions in the Authentic CirKus and The Eccentrics line of products.