Electronic cigarette and cough

Habits to change

When a smoker uses an electronic cigarette, he often reproduces the same behaviour as with a traditional cigarette. He will therefore pull strongly on it. The propylene glycol (PG) and nicotine in the e-liquid will then contract the pharynx in the throat, but the pharynx, not used to be stimulated this way, will sometimes cause a severe cough.

The start of withdrawal

After several years of smoking, your respiratory tract must also evacuate the particles and bodies resulting from the successive combustion of your cigarettes. There is therefore a time of adaptation to take into consideration during which you may be subjected to a few fits of coughing.

Ways to avoid a cough

This phenomenon subsides with experience and usually goes away quickly with habit. However, if the cough persists, it may be due to an improper setting of the power of your electronic cigarette, a sensitivity to PG or a too high nicotine level (see our tips for choosing a suitable rate).

However, the hit should not be confused with irritation. In some cases, fortunately rare, the vapers may be intolerant, or even allergic, to propylene glycol. They must then favour e-liquids in 100% VG (vegetable glycerin).

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