Why do some people cough when they vape?

Vaping is not smoking. At first, when a smoker tests an e-cig, he very often reproduces the same behaviour as with a cigarette, inhaling deeply. The propylene glycol and nicotine contained in the e-liquid will contract the pharynx in the throat, but, since the throat is not used to this kind of stimulation, the result will be a sometimes violent cough.

This phenomenon decreases with experience and usually disappears rapidly, as the smoker becomes accustomed to e-cigs. If the cough persists, the problem may be due to a power regulation problem, sensitivity to PG or an overly high nicotine content.

But one must not confuse the hit with the irritation. In some cases, fortunately not very often, it may happen that a vaper is intolerant or even allergic to the propylene glycol. In that case, he should stick to

100% VG e-liquids.