FAQ Juke-Vapes®

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VDLV guarantees Juke-Vapes®’s proper functioning with Aspire Cleito and Melo 3 Eleaf tanks only.

VDLV guarantees Juke-Vapes® proper functioning with 0.5 ohm coils (+/- 0.1 ohm)

  • Loss of warranty coverage
  • Damage to Juke-Vapes®
  • VDLV does not ensure vapor density produced by Juke-Vapes®
  • Make sure Juke-Vapes® device power cable is correctly connected.
  • Check if ON/OFF switch is on position 1.
  • Unplug Juke-Vapes® device and check the condition of fuse and if necessary, change it.

Fuse rating : 2A

Size : 5 x 20 mm

Power off Juke-Vapes® device, let the screen rest for 5 minutes and then turn the unit back on.

If the problem persists, switch the Juke-Vapes® off for 30 minutes and then turn it back on again.

  • Verify tanks coils. Juke-Vapes® device is set to operate with 0.5 ohm coils (+/- 0.1 ohm).
  • Check if tanks air flows are totally opened.
  • Test if adapters tightening ring are firmly screwed (needless to tighten too much).
  • Make sure the 2 contact pinules are correctly mounted up into adapters.
  • Ensure that O-ring sits inside tightening ring.
  • Replace tank and/or coil.
  • Clean inside the adapter using an alcohol wipe, until there is no liquid anymore.
  • Rinse with a water-dampened wipe and dry it.

We recommend to use with Juke-Vapes® device 0 mg/ml e-liquids with a PG rate =< to 60%.

  • Damage to tank.
  • Risk of tank’s leakage.
  • Damage to Juke-Vapes®
  • VDLV does not guarantee the vapor density produced by Juke-Vapes®.
  • Loss of warranty coverage

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