Make a big cloud

A big cloud of “vapour” is an expiration (a “puff”) of a large quantity of vaporised e-liquid. To reproduce this vaporisation phenomenon, three elements must be taken into account:

  • Considerable power (above 50 w) with low resistance (equal to or less than 0.5Ω) and open aeration.
  • An appropriate chemical composition: generally, e-liquids concentrated in VG give off thicker vapour visually. But one must be careful with the utilisation of e-liquids with a high content of VG which, if heated to too high a temperature, produce toxic elements of deterioration such as acrolein.
  • vaper behaviour and type of aspiration: one two-second puff will give off a small cloud and vice-versa, while a 10-second puff will produce a fog of vapour.

In a general manner, the three parameters which are the material, the chemical composition of the e-liquid and the behaviour of the user are the inseparable elements in any understanding how vaporisation works. Any serious scientific study intended to explain the effects of vaping must take account of these three elements.