In-house analysis laboratory

Our ambition is to satisfy our customers by offering products of irreproachable quality and always more innovative.

VDLV has an in-house analysis laboratory located in the heart of its production to measure in real time the quality of its products and to institute innovative traceability control procedures.

Diacetyl (DA) and acetyl propionyle (AP) are molecules utilised in food enzymes and flavourings to give them a gourmet, buttery taste. Present naturally in certain products (caramel, cream), they are tolerated during ingestion (by the stomach and the body generally). But diacetyl and acetyl propionyle are recognised as hazardous to the respiratory tract and capable of causing obliterating bronchiolitis in the event of heavy and repeated long-term consumption. That is why VDLV has chosen to limit their concentration in its e-liquids. Moreover, the AFNOR XP D90-300 standard, Part 2, limits the maximum concentration of diacetyl to 22ppm.


Between the analyses of nicotine concentrations in e-liquids, the continual improvement of analytical methods, production follow-up, microbiological analyses, heavy metals analyses, analyses for aldehydes, diacetyl, and acetyl propionyl; checking the composition of the e-liquids and Tobacco Product Directive notification files, we perform an average of 2,000 analyses every month.


All our e-liquids and concentrated aromas are supplied with a detailed analytical report so as to guarantee the quality of our products. These reports are available from our on-line shop or on request from our export department.