Our manufacturing process is based on 4 foundational pillars: quality commitment, French production, constant innovation and the selection of vaping-grade aromas.



Picto innovationConstant Innovation

Since 2012, VDLV has always been innovative through the creation of e-liquids but also in the field of vaping. Creator of Juke-Vapes, the first non-contact e-liquid test device, the leading European producer of vaping grade french nicotine, VDLV is reinventing itself on a daily basis and constantly to go beyond the expectations of its consumers.

But VDLV is also preparing for its development by supporting related projects such as the growing of tobacco plants in Bergerac, the production of bio-pesticides based on micro-algae (ImmunRise) or the production of bio-ethanol of the second generation (ABnova).



picto garantieQuality commitment

For client safety, we perform numerous analyses to guarantee the quality of our products:

  • Systematic analyses of the nicotine bases throughout production, performed in-house, by means of HPLC chromatography (analytic separation technology).
  • Regular controls of the nicotine contents of our e-liquids by our in-house laboratory.
  • Regular random sampling microbiological analyses of all our e-liquids by a COFRAC-accredited laboratory (accreditation no.1-0797):
    • Micro-organisms at 30°C – presumed enterobactia – Coagulase positive staphylococci.
    • Yeasts and moulds – E. coli – Salmonella.
  • Regular heavy metals analyses (antimony, arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium), aldehydes (formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein), diacetyl and parabenes.



Picto FranceFrench production

All our products are manufactured and analysed in our production laboratory located at Bordeaux, France. All VDLV suppliers provide the company with EP quality (European pharmacopeia) raw materials, including liquid nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, as well as food enzymes and flavourings meeting all applicable European standards. We favour raw materials produced in France or the European Union. It should be noted that we produce our own vaping-grade nicotine in France, which is now available in all the VDLV e-liquids. Our products are supplied with safety data cards, quality certificates and also undergo a large number of in-house analyses.



Picto aromes vapologiques

Vaping-grade flavours

VDLV selects alimentary quality natural and synthetic aromas with great care, but the respiratory system is not equipped with powerful enzymes and the metabolic detoxification pathways which are present in the digestive tract. Food enzymes and flavourings may also represent a potentially toxic effect upon inhalation. This is why VDLV has drawn up a strict specification sheet for the selection of its aromas, based on scientific research: this is what we refer to as the vapological requirement!