Alcohol on E-liquid

Food enzymes and flavourings, whether natural or artificial, contain aromatic molecules (extracted from plants or synthetic) diluted in what is called a medium, permitting conservation and fixing the raw materials. Ethyl alcohol or ethanol is one of the medium commonly used by aromatic specialists. In particular, it permits the elimination of the residual oils present in the aroma.

This is why some VDLV concentrated e-liquids and aromas may contain alcohol. In our e-liquids, the ethanol content generally does not exceed 5%.  During vaporisation and inhalation, this concentration produces no perceptible physical effects. For example, the consumption of 4ml of an e-liquid containing 4% ethanol corresponds to the assimilation by the body of 0.016cl of alcohol, or 1/78th the standard authorised ingestion dose (1.25cl of alcohol or one beer or glass of wine).

On the other hand, it is possible for persons susceptible to addiction, such as alcoholics, to perceive certain effects, but in this case, the causes would be more psychological than physical. Thus, if the vaper has sworn off all forms of alcohol consumption for medical, religious or other reasons, he should in that case favour e-liquids without this medium.