How does an e-liquid turn into vapour?

To understand how an e-liquid transforms into vapour in an electronic cigarette, it is necessary above all to know that this change of state takes place in the upper part of the material, at the level of the clearomizer consisting of a reservoir and a heating device

  1. Step One

By filling the personal vaporizer, the user feeds a reservoir, often made of glass, located at the level of the clearomizer. In this tank, the e-liquid is held in contact with a cotton wick to soak it all in. This wick itself is in direct contact with an electrical resistance.

eliquide vapeur
2. Step Two

As soon as the user activates the vaping device by pressing the “Switch” button, the resistance will heat up. This action has the effect of transforming the liquid present in the cotton wick into gas. This is called vaporization.

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3. Step Three

The vaper inhales, directly or indirectly through the mouthpiece, a vapour made up of fine droplets and gas.

It should be noted that propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) have low vaporization temperatures, which make them suitable carriers for transporting aromas and nicotine.

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4. Step Four

In the lungs, the body recognizes some of the vapour components while another is rejected during the exhalation.

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5. Last Step

Contrary to the cigarette smoke that can stay up in the air for a few minutes or a few hours, vapour from a vaporizer is only visible 15 to 20 seconds. The millions of droplets evaporate quickly when in contact with air.

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