The French E-Liquid Laboratory / LFEL

The Laboratoire Français du E-liquid [French E-Liquid Laboratory] (LFEL) was founded in April 2014 at the initiative of VDLV and a private party. With a completely independent organisation, the team consists of approximately 20 persons in two distinct centres:

The laboratory provides the following services:

  • the creation of vapological flavours made-to-measure.
  • the production and packaging of the product.
  • the analyses useful to consumers and distributors.
  • the placement in conformity of the products.

Research & Development

The objective of this mission is to be able to respond to the legitimate questions raised by the public about e-liquids, their compositions and applications, as well as to study the material used for vaping and the interactions between e-cigarettes

and e-liquids. To do this, the company welcomed all types of research projects, and carried out in-depth studies of all the aspects involved in vapology (physics, biochemistry, technology, sociology, etc.)

VDLV wishes to offer support to research into vaping products. That is why the company is one of the partners of U-SAV, the first vaper robot intended for research.

U-SAV permits the establishment of baselines and provides answers linked to the toxicity of the products. It permits the reproduction of vaping behaviour, measuring the influence of each parameter (resistance, battery, wick, puff time, etc.) involved in vaping, to study the composition of the vapour. But it also permits the performance of comparative studies to contribute highly important conclusions long awaited by the public and by the institutions. Thanks to this scientific knowledge, U-SAV is able to establish the baselines for the comparison of products. Above all, it provides responses regarding the toxicity of the vapour and the potential risks linked to the utilisation of electronic cigarettes.

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