It’s a first in France: VDLV’s e-liquids are certified.

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*About AFNOR Certification
AFNOR Certification is the first standard body for certifications and evaluation of systems, services, products and skills in France.

This independent, impartial and private body offers a large catalog of services thanks to its worldwide 39 agencies.
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In 9th September 2016, VDLV officially received the E-liquid certification from the French standards body AFNOR Certification*. For the very first time, e-liquids for electronic cigarettes provide clear quality, safety and consumer information requirements.

This is a key date for the company but also for the vaping industry. The AFNOR Certification means that the e-liquids have been tested by an independent body, according to public criterias and following the aim of a voluntary standard: the XP D90-300 Part 2.
Since its beginnings in 2012, VDLV Company has been committed to providing the best quality and safety e-liquids, all of them manufactured in its laboratory in Bordeaux city. Nowadays, VDLV goes one step further introducing his self-made vaping-grade liquid nicotine. For this reason, the whole VDLV team is very proud to achieve the AFNOR Certification. Upon the initiative of the FIVAPE*, the INC* and vapers, this vote of confidence is the result of 2 years of hard work and engagement in terms of standardization, today pursued internationally.

AFNOR Certification provides several safeguards, including:

  • A careful selection of raw materials (PG, VG and nicotine USP/EP grade).
  • The restriction of substances considered as hazardous, such as heavy metals, sugars, sweeteners, vegetable and mineral oils, vitamins, minerals, stimulant additives, formaldehyde-releasing agents, CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) and STOT (specific target organ toxicity, respiratory system Class 1)…
  • Control of the maximum concentration in each e-liquids of the following substances (maximum limits are set): diacetyl, acrolein, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.
  • A complete customer service and assistance via internet and telephone.

To meet AFNOR Certification requirements, VDLV was audited in May 2016 by this standard body. In addition, representative samples from “Vincent dans les Vapes” and “CirKus” brands were analyzed by an independent laboratory. Our certified e-liquids have the designation «E-liquid certified by AFNOR Certification» and are identifiable by the logo below:

In order to satisfy consumers, VDLV goes even further with its Vapology requirements and set a regular monitoring for the concentration of potentially toxic substances if they are inhaled in high doses over the long term: acetyl propionyl, coumarin, 2-3 hexanedione acetoin…

The AFNOR certification comes at the same time as the transposition of the European Directive for Tobacco Products (TPD). Far from ensuring the e-liquids composition, the TPD only aims to restrict the container’s size to 10 ml bottles, to ban advertising and requires the manufacturers to declare their ingredients without any quality control. By contrast, the AFNOR E-liquid Certification provides the consumer guarantees of safety of the product composition.

Thanks to its long experience in traceability, the AFNOR Certification highlights all the work done by VDLV since its inception.

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