VDLV has become COFRAC certified to determine nicotine concentration

NB 2019: Due to its upcoming move to a new production site in Cestas, VDLV had to suspend its accreditation on July 31, 201. Nevertheless, the skills of its analytical laboratory remain unchanged.


Founded in 1994, COFRAC (The French Accreditation Committee) was designated as the sole national accreditation, thus recognising accreditation as an undertaking with public authority. All bodies with an interest linked to accreditation are represented within the General Assembly and the Board of Administrators, as well as in any decision-making processes.

COFRAC continues developing thanks to the expertise of more than 160 collaborators as well as a network of more than 1600 assessors and technical experts. To ensure a better quality service, its teams have been stengthened. Four sections manage the accreditations: Laboratories, Inspection, Certifications, Healthcare
COFRAC faces continuous growth in applications for accreditations. 3500 accreditations and related missions had been exceeded in 2015. Thanks to the Multilateral Agreements of which Cofrac is a signatory, the French accreditation has gained an international recognition (in more than 80 countries), thus favouring the free movement of goods and services.

VDLV company was founded by Vincent Cuisset who was a metrological engineer. VDLV has manufactured E-liquids for personal vaporizator since 2012. The company has successfully adapted its manufacturing standards referring to a quality baseline and thus became in 2016, the first French manufacturer to be AFNOR certified for the quality of its E-liquids (AFNOR XP-D90-300 part 2 standard).

Our laboratory is now COFRAC certified to dermine nicotine concentration of 0 to 100 mg/ml on liquid samples using HPLC (UV-VIS detection) method.

This certification was born from a voluntary process. Its consists of verifying that products, services, systems, facilities and staff meet the specific requirements established by a conformity assessment body.

VDLV benefits from a recognized expertise in analysis and quality of its products and was certified in May 2017. This certification symbolises recognition for VDLV know-how and highlights its reliability and requirements. It’s important to emphasize that VDLV is the first French independant laboratory certified to determine nicotine concentration. This result is the outcome of work undertaken with COFRAC for two and a half years.

Over that period of time, VDLV has been audited many times by technical experts and assessors who have allowed to implement procedures and more rigourous quality controls.
As part of a COFRAC certification process, assessments have been conducted based on NF EN ISO 17025 international standard in force (September 2005), related to general requirements about the ability of test, analysis or calibration laboratories namely :

  • a rigorous estimate of uncertained results,
  • the use of materials with certified references,
  • a metrological control of instruments and measuring equipments in order to maintain them in the International System of Measure

A traceability on all calibrations and analysis carried out by the Analysis and QHSE Department (Quality, hygiene, Safety, Environment) is necessary.While contributing to the continuous improvement of controls as well as the quality of products and analysis services placed on the market, the certification strengthens users confidence. It represents a major strength for laboratories using it. Furthermore, VDLV laboratory is now able to offer COFRAC analysis services to its customers.

As part of the marketing of VDLV vapological nicotine next September, this certification should enable the company to step ahead in the vapological requirement of its products.

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