Press release : Innovation has a name: JUKE VAPES®V4

Vape market leaders; since 2012, VDLV, a company based in Bordeaux area (Cestas), have been producing high-quality e-liquids based on vaping-grade flavourings, meaning those that have been specifically chosen for their inhalation properties. VDLV is the leading nicotine manufacturer in France and its e-liquids are respect the requirement of AFNOR (french standard XP D90-300 part 2).

A driving force for innovation, VDLV invented and now sells the JUKE VAPES®, a system for discovering its vapological grade e-liquids that is easy to use, qualitative and, above all, hygienic.

Until now, consumers wanting to test vaping products in store were restricted to using a clearomizer, a replacement battery and a disposable Drip Tip.

Thanks to their patented JUKE VAPES® device and their new model, VDLV is responding to a new way of discovering flavours which knows no bounds.

Technology has a name: JUKE VAPES®

  • Enhancing the Customer Experience by offering fun yet effective tastings via 20 different flavour points.
  • Offering “contactless” tasting whilst safeguarding and guaranteeing hygiene.
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction by offering new connectable technology (PC and Mac compatible software) that records experiential data.
  • Having a long-term presence to support consumers for many years to come.

JUKE VAPES® is synonymous with clean lines, unique, robust and reliable design, patented innovation and France-based production.

Originality has a name: JUKE VAPES®

Discover your preferred colour palette and create a unique JUKE VAPES®.


From €3,900 excl. VAT

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